The Benefits of Open Education for Private Degree Granting Institutions


  • Joe Munsterman Alexander College


Assessment, Curriculum, Open Education (OE), OE, OER, Open Educational Resources, Pedagogy


This presentation will first cover what open education (OE) is via an introduction to the topic and the necessity of incorporating it into their schools/classrooms to fully achieve their diversity, equity, and student success goals. In addition, it will showcase the marketing potential of OE to recruit students. The presentation will then cover the three major education processes where OE can be implemented: 1) Curriculum: What students are expected to learn. Here we will delve into open educational resources (OERs) available across all disciplines, such as textbooks. 2) Pedagogy: How we help them learn. Attendees will be introduced to various tools and teaching techniques to help students succeed. 3) Assessment: Judging and measuring how well they are learning. Attendees will be exposed to premade forms of assessment that can be reused, revised, or remixed to tailor them to their student populations.

Author Biography

Joe Munsterman, Alexander College

Joe is a graduate of the University of Washington and UBC where he studied both sociology and education.

He has diverse teaching experience in Sociology (Alexander College, UBC, Langara College, Canadian College) as well as being an award-winning instructor (student voted) in the UBC Department of Geography.

He has also helped teach graduate level courses in the Sauder School of Business and currently works in the UBC Faculty of Medicine.