Faculty Burn-out in the Private Business of Higher Education


  • Dr Michele Vincenti University Canada West
  • Dr. Khatereh Pourasadollahi University Canada West


business faculty burnout, private higher education, post-Covid, work and life balance, Canada


The COVID-19 pandemic brought about rapid and systemic changes. Consequently, job security and employees' ability to adapt to change posed new challenges. Studies have shown that the rate of change puts tremendous pressure on organizations, especially on educational institutions, which causes additional pressure on faculty members. Due to the increase in competition between private and public universities, job burnout has been observed mainly in private universities. Working as a faculty member is burdensome due to consecutive mentally demanding activities such as teaching, marking assignments, and planning lessons. Past literature demonstrates how a lack of physical support and resources, and seclusion and stress during the pandemic can prevent the proper performance of faculty members. Therefore, we academics must address the issue of faculty burnout during and after the pandemic to alleviate adverse effects on the academic community. This study presents the consequences of burnout among faculty members. Data will be collected through structured interviews with faculty members of Canadian private universities who have experienced burnout. The Maslach questionnaire was used to identify these people; however, due to faculty members' lack of interest in talking about burnout and the low participation rate, the research will continue without using this questionnaire and through a random selection of members and interviews with them. The data will then be analyzed through a phenomenological approach. Building on previous studies, Employees who work in stressful jobs are more likely to display higher levels of burnout. Understanding how burnout affects faculty in a private Canadian university might minimize the issue.

Author Biographies

Dr Michele Vincenti, University Canada West

Dr. Michele Vincenti is Chair of the Leadership & People Management Department in the MBA program at UCW.

Dr. Vincenti holds a Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Systems from Fielding Graduate University, an MBA Executive from Royal Roads University, and a Master of Arts in Human Organizational Systems from Fielding Graduate University.

With more than 30 years of experience in the financial sector, both as a consultant and as an executive in financial institutions, Dr. Vincenti teaches in business and management programs.

Dr. Khatereh Pourasadollahi, University Canada West

Dr. Khatereh Pourasadollahi received her PhD in Business Administration, specializing in Marketing. She is an Industrial Engineer with an MBA degree in Strategic Management with a MAS, specializing in Global Leadership.

Dr. Pourasadollahi enjoys working with data to uncover insights that helps address business challenges, develops strategies, and solves complex problems. She is a business professional with more than three years of experience internationally in identifying key trends and insights and setting long-term strategic direction in the health industry. Dr. Pourasadollahi also teaches courses in Business and Marketing Management.

Dr. Pourasadollahi’s research activity includes brand authenticity, scarcity marketing and consumer behaviour in a digital context.