Transnational Lifelong Learning

Seeing Cultural Diversity as an Asset for Learning


  • Jame Batara Alexander College


Transnational Lifelong Learning, Social Justice, Learning and Teaching, Cultural Diversity


Transnational lifelong learning (TLL) for recognitive justice and inclusive citizenship refers to a call for social justice that sees cultural diversity as an asset and not a deficit. To harness the power of cultural diversity in the classroom, I transformed a Social Psychology course outline for second-year university transfer students at Alexander College into a social action approach that emphasizes culturally responsive learning and teaching. I implemented the course outline throughout the summer term of 2022. At the end of the term, students provided their course ratings and their written feedback. The evaluation indicated that the course was helpful in terms of broadening their perspectives about their own culture and other cultures and on reflecting how to make sense of and address social problems and issues. Integrating multicultural perspectives in learning as well as making use of social psychology concepts to address social problems shows that it is feasible to move from just including multicultural content in some lessons to full-blown multicultural learning and teaching.

Author Biography

Jame Batara, Alexander College