The Power of Partnerships

TED-style Insights and Panel on Significant Learning


  • Rob Fahlman Western Community College


University, partnerships


In this session, you will hear from passionate and innovative educational speakers who each represent a participating PDGIA organization. These mini TED-style talks invite vision, experience, and inspirational learnings from the most impactful developments at their institution. This session promises to be a unique and memorable way to explore living examples of our conference themes.

Author Biography

Rob Fahlman , Western Community College

Mr. Rob Fahlman has been working in post-secondary education for over fifteen years. During this time, Mr. Fahlman has acted as a Professor, Associate, Registrar, Administrator, and Curriculum designer, including developing a BBA with a concentration in Hotel Management. Prior to becoming involved with post-secondary education, Mr. Fahlman worked for eight years in the Hospitality and Tourism industries in BC, both managerial, sales, and marketing roles. Rob Fahlman MBA from the University of Saskatchewan and is a fellow of the royal society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.

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